Shawn Davis

" One night in November 2007, I received a direct word from God. As I slept I heard these words, “Be a walking billboard for Christ.” It was revealed to me in my dream, that I was to lead a campaign that would challenge all Christians to actively participate in evangelizing the world by becoming walking billboards for Christ.

Let me take a moment and layout the details of this campaign. Walking Billboards for Christ is a week-long Christian outreach challenge. Each day for 6 days participants will agree to wear a billboard t-shirt, with a different kingdom message on each t-shirt; and on the 7th and final day of the challenge, the message on that t-shirt would read: “Will you be a walking billboard for Christ?”

As an artist and designer, I have always struggled to find the true purpose for my creativity. I have completed countless paintings, sculptures, and designs and have gone down many roads to find my niche; and until now, I’ve always come up short. At one point I even tried to turn my back on my creativity all together; only to come to the realization that you can’t squash God’s gifts.

After my dream that November night, I was convinced that I was to channel much of my artistic talent into designing graphic t-shirts that paired God’s word with artistic design. However, it was not until I received a second revelation that made me realize that it wasn’t about me or my artistic talent at all. It was solely about spreading the Word of God’s kingdom through a billboard t-shirt ministry.

These t-shirts are to serve as billboards to advertise the Word of the Lord, not cleverly designed fashion incorporating a kingdom message in the midst of an arrangement of cool graphic elements. Before this revelation however, I had been caught up in the artistic side of things; all the while delaying the launch of the Lord’s campaign. Once I set my vision aside, I began to finish what God wanted. I’ve literally printed words on t-shirts; scripture and inspired word only. No fancy fonts; no fussy graphics, just Kingdom Word.

I am absolutely excited about the reality of being able to visually see the reach and impact of this campaign. Christians everywhere will be able to identify other Christians who are taking the challenge; and I must say it is a challenge. Anytime you are asked to move away from your comfort zone, stand out and be different, or give up something that has become so much a part of your everyday life, it is a challenge. But what a noble challenge this is, and an awesome way to glorify our Lord and spread his wonderful Word!

Just imagine what will happen if every day for one week, you wore a t-shirt that displays the Gospel of the Kingdom; a different message each day, each designed to bring the Word of God front and center in your everyday environment. People will take notice; some will ask questions; and others will accept the challenge. What an excellent way to give Christians an opportunity to witness and share their powerful testimonies of what God had done in their lives. Think of what could happen if you took the challenge for just one week. What about a month? a year? What a powerful impact this could have on the lives of others!

Weather you decide to take the week-long challenge or just support this ministry by wearing a billboard t-shirt when you feel the calling to do so, you will be making a meaningful contribution to the expansion of God’s Kingdom.

I am devoting my creative energy to this campaign. I am taking the gift God has given me and devoting it to His glory. I will be a walking billboard for Christ .... Will You?"


- Shawn Davis
  Member, Living Word Mission Ministries


All of the profits from Walking Billboards for Christ T-shirt sales go to the Christian outreach and evangelistic efforts of
Living Word Mission Ministries, of Virginia Beach, VA. (visit online at

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